Student Comments
Here's What Our Students Have to Say About Our Classes:
"I think Mr. Troyer is an EXCELLENT teacher!  He was a positive and upbeat person!    - Gayle A. Messal

"Yes, I enjoyed the classes because Mr. Troyer teaches in a style that makes even the dullest facts interesting and the confusing facts understandable.  Thanks!"                 - Karen Tadsen

"You have a quiet passion about what you do.  It showed in every class.  It felt like you were teaching it for the first time.  Great class!!!  I loved it!!!                                             - Joe S. Osborn

"Bob made the classes interesting through his many years experience--I have been out of school for 43 years, and was not good at studying, but I read like never before because of Bob's way of teaching."         - David Roberts

"Good explanation of material and examples in class.  I felt very confident once I started the state test.  I knew I was prepared."       - Ellen Roher

"I think your personal experience really adds to the class.
      - Ron Wilson

"I signed up for your class not having any prior knowledge of real estate and finished feeling that I had a very good grasp of all concepts of being in the business.  Your stories of your personal experiences were extremely helpful in gaining the knowledge.  I would just like to say "Thank You".         - Karen Simon

"At several of the places I have interviewed with, they asked me where I took the course.  When I told them the Troyer School, they had nothing but good things to say about you.  I would agree.  Thanks."                            - Michael Biltz

"The stories Mr. Troyer told in conjunction with the material helped to put words in a book to reality."                          - Darlene Amstutz

"Thank you for the individual attention you gave to everyone."
                                                                            - Walter Weaver

"I am 55 years old and changing careers and as we all know, fear of the unknown can be a formidable foe.  Bob gave me back my confidence that I can do it.  The way he teaches not only prepared me for the test, but gave me the confidence to "go for it".  Thanks, Bob."                                                              - Bill Odier

"I passed the state test the first time.  Bob did a great job of covering what we needed to pass the state test.  Class was fun to go to and I would recommend the school to anyone. Thanks, Bob."                                               - Dan Walker

"I am so proud, I went down to take the test and I felt confident. You did a great job of teaching just what I needed to pass.  Tell your class to pay attention to just what you say and be sure to study License Law and know the terminology because they need that.  I only had 5 math questions.  Thank you Bob so much.  I owe you, you are the best."                            - Robert H. Kendall

"Class was very thorough in all areas.  I especially liked your personal experience examples which helped in fully grasping each concept.  There was nothing about the class that I did not like.  I would recommend your school to anyone interested in a real estate career.  I feel fortunate to have gone to such a great school."                                                                         - Jessica Miller

"Bob -- Thanks for your help -- I felt prepared for the state test.  It really helped knowing where to spend my time studying."                - Bob Blythe

"After approximately 20 minutes I started looking around the room and so many of the other testers looked confused.  So I thought maybe I was doing something wrong because I was nearly half through the test.  That's when I realized what Bob had told me, that the test was fairly simple and if you can pass his course then the state exam was a snap.  I finished in 65 minutes.  Thanks Bob, I was truly ready."                                         - Jerome Davis

"Bob, I just want to thank you again.  The experience you brought into the class discussions along with the confidence you had in me to pass the state exam was definitely the prominent factor of my passing."                         - Sue Chapman

"I enjoyed the class very much.  I would recommend it to anybody who is even considering buying a home let alone one who is considering real estate as a profession!  The instructor was very versed in all aspects of the field and taught in a most inspiring manner."                                                           - David Rezits

"I liked the real-life experiences that you brought to class.  It made the material more relevant."                                            - Jan Ehle

"Put theory into real life situations."                         - Eva Witkamp

"I liked Bob's sense of humor.  Also his stories and examples were very helpful when explaining a concept."              - April Weimer

"Very thorough in explaining subject material.  I didn't even feel the need to review before taking the state test the next day."                         - Carrie Ann McLain

"Great job, Bob!!  You provided info, made us (me) comfortable and all in all was enjoyable--See ya for the Broker's class..."                             - Cheryl Kensill

"I had no difficulty taking the test.  I feel I was totally prepared.  Thank you very much, I would recommend your class to everyone."                    - Ann Dennis

"I have had a lot of teachers and professors throughout high school and college.  By far, you rank in the top five!"   -Tim Kessler

"Good examples were used, covered all areas that would be tested on."
    - Matt Rang

"I thought the class was great!  Bob, you did a great job preparing us!  Thanks!"
- Karen Yansky

"Really gained from examples and experiences you shared in class - cemented what I had read in the book.  You can tell you enjoy what you're doing (and we benefit)."                 - Lori Peare

"I enjoyed the relaxed, open atmosphere of class and the detailed presentation of all materials.  I was extremely satisfied with your class and will highly recommend your class to any prospects."     - Steve Mann

"I liked that you kept the class interesting while still covering the necessary material.  I felt well prepared for the state test after taking your course."
  - Darren Schortgen

"I really enjoyed the class participation and your use of past personal experiences as part of your class presentation.  Keep up the good work!  I truly enjoyed your class and have heard nothing but good comments in its regard."   - Jackie Reith

"You take control of your class.  You let people know what they should know for the exam and the exam only.  It was a pleasure being in your class."
        - David Schoeff

"I thought Bob was the "greatest!"  The class was very to the point and I am glad I took the Troyer class instead of somewhere else!"       - Lisa Asbury

"Just a note to let you know I appreciated your promptness and preparation for the classes.  Made it a pleasure to attend."- S. Allen Johnson

"The class was excellent!  Given the time, amount, and complexity of material, you did a superb job.  I would recommend your program to any person who is choosing real estate as a career or in support of a peripheral profession."       - Brian Yoh

"The class moved at a good pace.  We didn't waste time on nugatory subjects."      - Jim Cook

"It was a very enjoyable class and if I could do it anyone can!  Thanks again Bob!"         - Susanne Eberly

"Great class, classroom covered more than test."    - Carl J. Becker

"I really enjoyed the class.  I went in with absolutely no real estate knowledge but came out prepared for the test.  I appreciated all the "real life" experiences shared a examples for the lessons.  I enjoyed the teacher and the class!!  Thank you, Mr. Troyer!"   - Amy Deck

"There wasn't a question on the exam that wasn't covered during the six weeks of class."        - Doug Marsh

"I really appreciated and enjoyed the class!  You did a great job."
  - Larry Smith

"You are a very good instructor."          - Harold Gussman

"Your class lectures were always interesting because of your stories.  You covered all of the material thoroughly.  I actually enjoyed your lectures.  Thanks!"                         - Elanna Moeller

"I really enjoyed the class.  Thanks!"                    - Kathy Jettinghoff

"The state test was very similar to the tests taken in class."  - Chad Cook

"The state test was hard - I'm glad it's over with - your stories helped to make things clearer.  Thanks for all your help."         -  Donna Van Buskirk

"Your class is very informative and covers everything you need for the test."
                   - Jim Echols

"This class prepares a person very well."                 - Jenney Newby

"Continue teaching just as you are!"                       - Cindy Materna

"You covered everything that was in the test.  Great class, great instructor and very useful information for every day life as well." - Mike Smith

"After taking your class, the test was a piece of cake!"      - Dawn Clarner